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Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Application

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The course is presented by, and certified by, Ashley Albrand & the Infinite Source yoga teaching crew. Please note a six month “in the field” hands on teaching period will be required to complete this course for certification. You will stay connected to us via email for six months to one year post training, offering private or group classes and writing to us about the experience & asking questions if needed.

In this Spirit Led advanced yoga certification program you will learn a non-dogmatic synthesis of classical and contemporary techniques drawn from the best major systems today. The curriculum includes how yoga works, the origins of yoga, an exploration of Iyengar, Krishnamacharya, Pattabhi Jois & classical yoga, as well as the expanded consciousness channelings of the Infinite Source Yoga lifestyle. Infinite Source Yoga is derived from the roots of yoga, tantra, the consciousness of nature and the wisdom of the Goddess. Very close in relationship to vinyasa flow Yoga - a powerful and dynamic system that combines asana, pranayama and meditation. Twice daily sadhana (practice) along with ritual and tending the heart fire in relationship to the moon are in our daily rhythm. New Moon & Full moon sacred ceremony makes this training unlike any other. This is an initiation into sva dharma. The purpose of the self.

This training is unique and revolutionary in the field of yoga. Enjoy a quantum leap in your physical experience, expanding your field of awareness. Allow the perfection of nature to teach and heal you with lessons held directly in the birthplace of Yoga. Learn the deep unwinding practices of Infinite Source Yoga & nurture yourself with our use of food and plants as medicine. We experience anatomy thru touch using myofascial healing techniques. Part of our daily rituals include sacred fascial release, musical activation, beach teaching workshops and classes, native american teachings, indigenous arts native to India, pre & postnatal yoga, medicine dance, truth consciousness, and more. You will learn how to instruct and set up classes, the purpose of each asana & hands on corrections.

The advanced training includes close study of: Sanskrit, anatomy through touch, the history of yoga in India, tantra & sacred sexuality, asana, puja, and of course, Ascension.

If you completed your 200 hour teacher training at another school besides ISY, please attend the two week Sacred Path Pranafication activation that is from January 2-15. For more info click here.

Please be advised ALL content in this email reply, and application (if you choose to apply) is Infinite Source Yoga property and confidential. Sharing this information or changing it for your own use is bad karma so please don’t do it.

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Infinite Source Yoga

*This yoga teacher training is not certified by the Yoga Alliance