Starseed Integration Retreat
February 26-March 4, 2018
Costa Rica


Be in nature with yourself and your Infinite Source yoga family on our Starseed Integration Retreat. A  weeklong hand poked tattooing, ancestral arts, and infinite source yoga lifestyle journey in the jungles of Costa Rica. Accommodation in our jungle chalets, located only 150 meters from a divine beach, are the coziest nests for your sourcing the infinite retreat. Our jungle and sunset beach setting is incredibly raw and healing and the water is transformational. Enjoy home cooked high vibrational foods & amazing local fares.



  • 7 nights jungle living accomodation
  • High vibrational local foods
  • Twice daily Infinite Source yoga
  • Myofascial release techniques
  • Movement medicine
  • The Rmdy & Prana Shakti jam sessions
  • Ancestral arts share
  • Moccasin crafting with OGyogini
  • Firemaking
  • Tea ceremony
  • Medicine ceremony
  • Waterfall excursion (transportation additional)
  • Daily Sunset beach magic

Optional Add Ons:

  • Hand poked tattoo session with Talia Migliaccio
  • Outside shaman medicine ceremony, optional add on $150
  • Transportation of any kind.
  • 2 dinners out at local restaurants (price varies)
  • Transportation to restaurants ($15-30 per car, shared by number of occupants)
  • Farmers market/water fall taxis (same as above pricing)
  • Additional herbs and snacks of your own personal usage.
  • Airport transportation prices range from $60 (shuttle) to $200 (taxi) Please email us to set up Taxi pickup. 
  • Public bus option: You taxi to the bus station from the airport (about $30) take the bus to Uvita (for $10) and taxi from Uvita to the property (about $20), or wait to take the bus from Uvita to the Pinuela for $1. 

Accommodations in our simple and cozy jungle chalets are glamping magic! Each guest will have their own twin bed with mosquito netting. Bathroom (shower, sink, and toilet) in each chalet. Located only 150 meters from the beach. Wake surrounded by monkey families & toucans. Enjoy the lush jungle views and sounds as you stroll to yoga at the castle, or down to the beach! 

Meals are included. In the jungle we eat mostly raw with some cooked options. Occasional fish can be served but mostly we eat vegetarian and costa rican inspired. You will learn how to feed yourself for an activated life. Most trainees detox and gain a GLOWING aura from the food and nature activation. These activations re-confirmed to us that FOOD IS LIFE and we MUST HARNESS THIS POWER and understand the truth of our digestive OJAS (vitality) This experience will be like a reset button for your entire body, mind and spirit.

We will take a group outing, either visiting the waterfall, the local ferria (farmers market), or to get a bite to eat. We will take either the bus or cabs on our outings. (Fare not included.) 


Hand Poked Session Description:

I will start off by sharing that every tattoo I administer is created specifically for the person that it lives upon. These pieces are created as medicine - as marking of transformation - doorways of initiation - as an embodiment of personal story and ethos. I engage with this practice of hand poked tattoo from a space of origin - holding dear the history and anthropology of marking and adorning the body. Approaching it from a place of global lineage - an art form that humans have been engaging with for thousands of years. It is a practice that is ever shifting and growing within and without - that being said the relationship I share with this art form is constantly shifting. I find that each piece calls for something different. At this point in time my work is predominantly explored during session and drawn directly onto the body comparable to channeling. 

If this work feels in alignment for you and you would like to follow through with booking a session I ask that you tune into your intentions // visions // dreams or whatever it may be that is arising and asking to be anchored into image // symbol to share at least a little with me prior to our session. This can arise through words - themes - images - story etc.


The minimum is $200 which will cover the first 1.5 hours from there I am $100 an hour

Booking a session:

If you are interested in booking a session during this retreat please send me a little on the dreams for the tattoo + if you have anymore questions please do not hesitate to send them my way!

I look forward to meeting you and creating with you!

All love all ways


Total Price of retreat: $1,666

Airfare is not included. Please purchase trip insurance in case you are unable to make it.


Travel days February 25 & March 4th. Please try to arrive to San Jose around noon if possible so that you can arrive by 4-5pm to the property. We will begin early in the morning on February 26th. The retreat will end March 4th at noon. Airport transfer from San Jose to Uvita is not included, but can be arranged. Prices range from $60 (shuttle) to $200 (taxi). There is also a public bus option available. You taxi to the bus station from the airport (about $30) take the bus to Uvita (for $10) and then take a taxi from Uvita to the property (about $20), or wait to take the bus from Uvita to Pinuela for $1. Please email us to set up Taxi pickup. 


Come immerse yourself in nature and ancestral arts with the Infinite Source in magical Costa Rica.

May you be blessed! 

A $500 deposit reserves your spot. 


Please send us an email to srimklimsrim@gmail.com to arrange payment.

Thank you!

Sending thanks to Isabel Mariposa Galactica for sharing her amazing talent and artwork on last years Starseed Integration Retreat!