About Ashley

Ashley Albrand aka OGyogini is the founder of the school of consciousness, Infinite Source Yoga. Ashley empowers humans & helps facilitate the remembrance of our own divinity through her empathic intuitive channeling of the source energy. Infinite Source Yoga is a divine matrilineal embodiment practice that will cleanse the lens of the practitioner revealing the truth of self and spirit. With over 22 years of movement training and 14 years of teaching yoga in the commercial world, Ashley is ecstatic to be speaking and living her truth through Infinite Source Yoga.

Ashley is a revolutionary healer in the field of matrilineal truth. Her teacher training program includes scholarships for domestic violence and sexual exploitation survivors, based on her original mission to help heal the wound of the Earth’s moon channel, fueled by her own survival. Infinite Source Yoga is a blend of tantra, myofascial release, nature worship, ancestral arts and skills, evolutionary astrology, musical activation & medicine dance inspired by Ashley’s hip hop past and current Native American teachings. Ashley believes there are no mistakes- only opportunities for awakening.

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