Birth the New Earth

Sovereign birth course with OGYogini

Gracefully co-create in sovereignty to receive your destiny &

allow the emergence of your soul's partner

Join OGYogini in this highly-requested six-lesson course. Experience the child-bearing year with Ogyogini and gain wisdom from her first-hand knowledge to assist in your own highly-conscious, trust-filled, loving and sovereign journey to Birth the New Earth.

Each lesson, explore a wealth of information from preconception to postpartum, twin pregnancy, free birth, sovereign breech birth and more. This is the only place you can access these teachings as they are not learned through study, but only through the lens of first-hand experience. Ogyogini doesn’t know a single other sovereign, double twin, breech, jungle freebirther, all information is wisdom from The North, from lived experience.

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Birth the new earth - Our Journey

The information below just touches the surface of the depth of content and knowledge you’ll receive in Birth the New Earth.

Lesson One – Preconception [AVAILABLE NOW]


Lesson Two – First Trimester


Lesson Three – Second Trimester


Lesson Four – Third Trimester


Lesson Five – Birth Itself


Lesson Six – Fourth Trimester

Here to help you Birth the New Earth


Full Course price

Or $250 per lesson

You can pre-order the full course for $1,600 (this price will increase once the full course is available). 

If you prefer, you can purchase one course at a time, as needed for $250. Each course will be available for purchase as it goes live. Due to the nature of this content, no refunds or exchanges are available. 

The time is now to Birth the New Earth