My Birth Story

Namaste beautiful angels of love light and ascension!
Its been almost a year since I activated myself to write. I have been in a deep mediation about my usefulness in this world. I delivered my second baby at home in water in what I like to call a "sovereign" pregnancy and birth. This means that for me, consciousness in birth isn't quite up to par with my own consciousness so spirit and I needed to be left alone so that we could meditate the baby down without any hassle or unnecessary intervention. For me, even an extra voice in the space was too much. In my astrological chart it says that I am a direct connection to the source, a wild stallion that is looking to be accepted into society for the purpose of healing the planet and shedding light on darkness. 
that is a big responsibility but I am feeling quite capable of doing this on a small scale after delivering my 10.6 pound baby with only my partner present. During the pregnancy I was MISERABLE. She was SO BIG and pressing on my pubic bone very intensely. I kid you not, I slept only a few hours for 9 months. I remember limping to the bucket we kept upstairs in our treehouse so i wouldn't have to go outside to pee in the night. I remember this limping & pain several times a night. I begged spirit to bring the baby at least 100 times a day for over 2 months. You see, I didn't have a due date because I didn't see a doctor, so we had NO CLUE when she would come! It was the most TRUST i have ever had to muster. I was putting my total trust in the universe & myself. I had just had a baby 9 months before my second pregnancy and the birth didn't go down the way I had visualized. I won't go into specifics (long story too)  but lets just say when I became pregnant the second time my intuition to "do it" alone was CLEAR AND STRONG.  I stayed home in nature for most of the pregnancy. I did A LOT of pranayama and its safe to say the entire pregnancy was a deep meditation and practice of patience and trust. 

So I prayed to the great spirit for spiritual ecstasy, family bliss, &  a healthy happy home birth. It was all that and more. On April 2 2013 at 4 am I felt the tingles of electric energy surging through my body, it was subtle but I new it wasn't anything I had ever felt. At 6 am a white light "hit" my third eye then pushed down to my yoni and BOOM my water broke! The most surprising part of my labor was the falling asleep. I would sit down in this white comfy chair we have upstairs and fall asleep. I would wake up and stand up and circle my hips around and around and around & as I felt GOD surging through me, opening up my insides so that this beautiful being could come down and be with us. After the contraction I would fall asleep. BEST GIFT FROM SPIRIT THIS SLEEPING. I wonder if more wombyn stayed home uninterrupted from the process by machines and midwives if they too would get to pass out between contractions. At around 7 am (i think) I stepped into our birthing pool 100% based on desire. I had no idea if it was even "time". Spirit said "if you desire it, trust it". When I stepped in the water the gongs went off on the playlist I had turned on and Rara Avis began to OM. I felt it was an initiation. Inside the tub there was that little bit of hell where I felt like a rat in a cage and I told drew we weren't doing this again. Looking back I believe that was transition. I felt up inside me and could feel its head. I asked spirit to take care of me. I asked drew to hold my yoni so I wouldn't tear like last time. When I launched my arms over the edge of the tub so I could be on my front it felt like I was running a marathon. My arms weighed a thousand pounds. So much energy was in the space. So much of something we cannot see, bearing down on me, shaking the shit outta me, shaking the fear out so that bliss could arrive. I knew I had to "take" one more surge of energy through my body to open up enough so I wouldn't tear. Some women have to push, not me, I have to hold the baby in and take the "energy" so I can open up. Then all of a sudden she was here. At 7:42 am she floated up with her arms outstretched. She looked like Christ. She came up and I just intuitively and very softly pulled a little liquid out of her nose with my mouth. Like a mamma bird. Then she breathed in. No cry. just starred up at us and started to nurse. Our best friend Anna was downstairs with Satya and she brought her up and Sati got in the tub. 3 hours and 42 minutes from start to finish Thank YOU JESUS! lol! 

I ate my placenta half raw in smoothies and half dehydrated into capsules. I also had plant medicine during the birth and for the after pains. We used angelicas herb to help my placenta release. Eight days later her name came to us which means the purest most powerful goddess. 


She is 10 months old now and has been walking for a month. When she was born I knew she was going to help teach the wombyn of the world and I know that she didn't need a midwife because we were meant to do it alone. The best part of the entire experience is HAVING HER IN MY LIFE. She is the kindest, sweetest most chill baby on the planet. She is smarter than anyone I have ever known and cares about everyone present. SHE IS STRONG AS FUCK! lol! Sometimes we call her Bhavzilla cuz she doesn't know her own strength. The birth was just her epic beginning and spirit has said ALL wombyn who desire birth alone can have it. Its has to do with your mind and the destiny of your baby. So listening carefully inward and meditation is the number one way to connect with your ecstatic and most high birth experience. UNIQUE TO YOU. 

I want to share this amazing experience with anyone who wants to listen so think of me for your blogs, interview shows & anything else you are doing to help raise the vibrations and de-programme the people. I am here to serve! 



btw... the DMT that dumps into your brain at the beginning of labor is better that ANY drug they could offer at the hospital. I wish all wombyn knew that.