Suggested packing list for your Infinite Source Yoga Experience

packing list

When you join us for an Infinite Source Yoga experience, please do your best to be fully prepared. If you have any questions, let us know.

Required Items

🔸Small blanket and pillow
🔹A few small rugs or extra fabrics
🔸Yoga mat
🔹Yoga towels or rugs (x3)
🔸Yoga shorts / tights
🔹Yoga tops
🔸One white dress or white outfit for ceremony
🔹One sacred altar item
🔹Journal, pen and pencil
🔸Natural mosquito repellent
🔹Sandals or flip flops and a more durable shoe as well
🔸Swimsuits and towels and beach bag
🔹Massage tools

Optional / Suggested Items

🔸Bowl, utensils, mug, water jug [This primarily applies to YTT attendees, however Infinite Source Yoga always feels it’s good practice to travel with wooden utensils, a glass or stainless straw, a stainless steel refillable water bottle & mug as well as a vessel to eat from. That being said we have plenty for you to use, but you just might enjoy using your own.]
🔹Required books [applies to YTT students only]
🔸Camera [optional]
🔹 Headlamp