Composite Evolutionary Astrology Natal Chart Reading with John Benedict

Included in your booking is a natal chart reading for one party + the composite chart for the relationship. The composite chart reading [2 charts put together to make a composite chart] includes the evolutionary souls journey, the Pluto, the Dharma of your chart together.

This option is only applicable when one party has already had a natal chart reading with John Benedict.

You will receive a PDF of your relationship composite chart + the second individuals natal chart, as well as a recording of the Skype call / reading. [Skype is the preferred method, as this allows you to save the recording of the reading]. 

Please allow 7 business days as a grace period to schedule the reading. [If paying with a credit card /not using PayPal, please allow an additional 3 business days for payment processing]

When completing your purchase, please include the Name, Birth Date, Birth Time, and Birth Location for both parties, as well as your contact phone number. Please be advised – if you do not have the exact birth time for either individual, the reading will not be accurate and is not advised. 

You will receive an email from to schedule the reading. Before reaching out for technical assistance, please be sure to check your spam and search for this email address to make sure it didn’t get missed.

**If you require technical assistance, please reach out to for help. Do NOT send DMs.**


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