Individual Evolutionary Astrology Natal Chart Reading with John Benedict

A journey into your soul’s passage and current reality.

Evolutionary Astrology explores the soul’s wounds, purpose, and the resolution and healing of both. The readings look into your current transits and progressions, which help bring archetypical stories to the present moment.

John Benedict also brings in other schools of astrology, for example, asteroids, fixed stars, Sabian symbols, and other archetypical symbology.

John has been studying and self-exploring different methodologies of astrology for over 20 years. He is also a master structural integration therapist with over 30 years of clinical practice in the Malibu / Topanga / Los Angeles area. He currently works out of his retreat center in the Costa Ballena Region of Costa Rica.

Included in the reading is a PDF of your natal chart and a recording of the Skype call / reading. [Skype is the preferred method, as this allows you to save the recording of the reading]

Note this is an individual chart reading.

When completing your purchase, please send an email to JOKA17retreats@gmail.com that includes your Name, Birth Date, Birth Time, and Birth Location, as well as your phone number. Your reading cannot be completed until this information is received.

Please allow 48-72 hours for a response after sending your birth information.

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