Teacher Training Prep List

When you join us for an Infinite Source Yoga teacher training experience, please be prepared!
Here are all of the required items for our training:


Yoga mat & towel


Plastic or wooden jack knobber


2 Cork blocks

Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff


2 Lacrosse balls

Tending the Heart Fire by Shiva Rea


👄 Suggested Packing 👄

🔹Small blanket and pillow
🔹A couple small rugs or extra fabrics
🔸Yoga mat
🔹Yoga mat towels or rugs (x3)
🔸Bowl, utensils, mug, water jug
🔹Yoga shorts
🔸Yoga tights
🔹Yoga tops
🔸One white dress or white outfit for ceremony
🔹One sacred altar item
🔹Journal, pen and pencil
🔸Mosquito repellent
🔹Sandals or flip flops and a more durable shoe as well
🔸Swimsuits and towels and beach bag
🔹Massage tools
🔹Required books